What does 'GRINTA' mean?

GRINTA is the Italian word for perseverance, perseverance. You often hear sports journalist say about cyclists:

"What a grinta on the face of this athlete!"


GRINTA wants to make sure that every (top) athlete, of every level, has the optimal conditions to bring his/her grinta to the surface. It offers a framework in different areas: sports massage, taping and small group training depending on your objective (at work, preparation for the ski season, general fitness ... ).


In addition, we organize congresses and evening seminars to strengthen the entire framework of a (top) athlete on the basis of scientifically founded knowledge.


Fuel your performance met GRINTA!


About me



Founder GRINTA

Sports physiotherapist Sports Medical Advisory Center (SMAC)

Injury prevention training VHL

Sports masseuse


Charlotte is a sports physiotherapist at the Sports Medical Advisory Center in Heverlee. She has done athletics for 10 years and has been active in mid and long distance running in Belgium. In the youth categories, she also focused on the throwing events. 

With GRINTA Sportmassage, Charlotte is working with several European and Olympic athletes and has already been invited at several international events such as the European Open Tennis. In addition, she coaches together with the clinical practice 'Sportpraktijk' the women A team of VHL (Liga B). 

She is responsible for GRINTA Sports massage, Taping, Bodyfit, Fit@Work, Bootcamp and Events.